FoolProof in Connecticut

"Connecticut credit unions have shown a strong support for youth financial literacy in our state. The League is excited to introduce the FoolProof program to enhance current literacy efforts. This program provides the opportunity for credit unions to bring financial literacy directly to your members in a professional, convenient, electronic format. We believe the variety of audience targets (youth, teachers, parents, grandparents and young adults) combined with the user friendly format will provide a significant value to every credit union's membership.

I strongly encourage you to review the website then contact Barb Bass for additional information."

Tony Emerson
Credit Union League of Connecticut

FoolProof: 6 Separate Financial Literacy Tools

Has there ever been a more important moment in time for your credit union to be identified with real consumer advocacy?

FoolProof offers your credit union six separate financial literacy programs: separate programs for use by high schools and community groups, parents, college-age students, young adults, and adults.



FoolProof uses highly interactive online "modules" and dynamic websites to reach both members and non-members.

It’s all turnkey, and starts at your credit union home page.

A nice feature: Subscribe to at least one FoolProof financial literacy tool, and automatically receive FoolProof’s year-round consumer website for young people.

Subscribe to One or All Five Programs

Choose one of these programs:

Information Edge FoolProof for Parents & Grandparents FoolProof Solo FoolProof for High Schools FoolProof WorkPlace

And receive a free, year-round website for young people, CUHQ.

FoolProof Free: Special Offer For Credit Unions Under $10M In Assets!

A Gift: FoolProof is going to license its programs for free to all credit unions in the country under ten million dollars in assets.

Read more.

FoolProof News:


FoolProof's New "Top 10" Story Hits Home. Literally.

What's one event virtually all young people really look forward to? Moving out!

What's one fear virtually all young people feel when they finally move away from home? Having to move back!

FoolProof's new "Top Ten Reasons You'll Have to Move Back In With Your Parents Before You Are Thirty" was just released as a story and a video, and immediately had a huge impact with the national media.

"Many young people live for the day when they move out on their own," said Will deHoo, 31, founder and CEO of FoolProof. "We don't think much about the future, and we enjoy our new freedom too much, burning money without thinking. We thought a fun video would be a good way to remind all young people how small money mistakes can have a big impact on your freedom, and where you live."

FoolProof also simultaneously released its new FoolProof "Solo" version of Burning Money—budgeting and savings skills for college-age young people. "The Burning Money series shows any young person how to keep his or her independence," deHoo said.

To date, YAHOO, CNBC, Financial columnist Liz Weston, CBS Money Watch, MSN Money, Bloomberg Radio, and have done features on "Top Ten."

Know anyone under thirty? (Or have a kid you'd rather not see move back home?!) Why not watch the "Top Ten" video yourself, read our release, and then forward both to that person?



FoolProof's New "Burning Money" Series

Interactive Instruction about Budgeting, Saving & Spending Decisions.

The "Burning Money" series is based on this question: What good does it do to teach budgeting and saving skills when young people generally don't know how to spend money wisely, period?

Burning Money goes beyond the teaching of technical money skills...



Burning Money!